Shrimant Chatrapati Udayanraje Bhosale

Shrimant Chatrapati Udayanraje Bhosale


Year Party Status Candidate Name Votes
2014 NCP Winner Shrimant Chh. Udayanraje Pratapsinha Bhonsale 522531
2009 NCP Winner Shrimant Chh. Udayanraje Pratapsinha Bhonsale 532583
Name Shri Udayanraje Pratapsingh Bhosale
Constituency from which I am elected Satara
Father’s Name Shri Pratapsingh
Mother’s Name Smt. Kalpanaraje
Date of Birth 1966-02-24
Birth Place Nasik, Nashik ( Maharashtra )
Maritial Status Married
Date of Marriage 2003-11-20
Spouse Name Smt. Damayantraje
No. of Children No.of Sons:1   No.of Daughters:1
State Name Maharashtra
Party Name Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)
Permanent Address 1, Shukarawarpeth Jalmandir Palace, Satara, Maharashtra ,Tels. (02162) 283104 09822477700 (M) Fax. (02162) 283830
Present Address Maharashtra SadanNew Delhi,Tels. 09013180174 (M)
Email id
Educational Qualifications Production Engg./DIBM
Profession Social Worker
Positions Held Member, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly( 1998-99)Minister of State, Govt. of Maharashtra Elected to 15th Lok Sabha( 2009)Member, Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests( 31 Aug. 2009)Member, Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament( 23 Sep. 2009)Member, Committee on Chemical and Fertilizers( 26 Feb. 2010)
Social and Cultural Activities, Literary, Artistic and Scientific Accomplishments and other Special Interests Shivjayanti Mahotswav in Satara district and rest of Western Maharashtra , Social work through various groups/foundations
Sports, Clubs, Favourite Pastimes and Recreation Racing and boxing
Hobbies Folk and tradiitonal activities and music of Maharashtra
Countries Visited Canada,Europe, South-East Asia, U.K, and U.S.A
Other Information IVice-President/I Statutory Committee, M.S., 1996-98

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39 thoughts on “Shrimant Chatrapati Udayanraje Bhosale

  1. ॥श्रीमंत उदयन महाराज आपणास वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा,आई जगदंबा आपणास उदंड यश, आयुष्य,किर्ति,आरोग्य लाभो हिच आमची आपल्या वाढदिवशी प्रार्थना॥24feb

    1. Respected sir,,,we love you and like your all activities,,,,BEST OF LUCK AND WE PROUD OF YOU Wish you Happy Birthday

  2. आदरणीय आणि प्राणप्रिय महाराजांना वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.

    आपली रयत,
    धनंजय तानाजी कदम
    चाहूर, (खेड)

  3. respected sir ,i always respect you from my heart i have never seen you but once i want to meet you i go lot of times to mahabaleshwar or some time on pune satara road but when ever i see your name or photo or your name written on any of the car the name RAJE i feel proud of you i salute you sir JAI MAHARASHTRA ani MAHARAJANA MAZAA SALAAM

  4. महाराज आपण संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्राचं राजकारण सांभाळायला हवं. आपल्या पूर्वजांच्या नावावरच जर अखंड पक्ष उभे असतील तर स्वता राजेचा पक्ष का नसावा?

  5. Malak amhala tumcha khup abhiman ahe ani garv ahe me satarkar aslyacha. Godfather maharajana manacha mujra….jay Raje

  6. Raje aapan khara tar Maharashtrachya Rajkarnat sakriya zala pahije 2014 la tumchech sarv aamdar yetil ekda aapan prayatna tar kara

  7. ॥श्रीमंत उदयन महाराज आपण निवडूण आलात हार्दिक आभिनंदण ।।

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